Michigan Agricultural College
1916 Yearbook

Local business names are in
bold type.

Riker's Dry Cleaning & Dyeing Works, Lansing Page Harryman Shoes,
John Barratt - Shoe Doctor, East Lansing John Herrmann's Sons Tailors, Lansing
The Mills Dry Goods Company, Lansing Mifflin's Ladies & Mens Furnishings
Bean Spray Pump Company, Lansing Dancer-Brogan's, Lansing's Leading Store
J.W. Knapp Company Department Store Hall & Hughes Kampus Krease Shop -
cleaners, pressers and repairers
Frost & Walter, The Clothes Shop - Lansing Michigan Bridge & Pipe Company
Michigan Butter & Egg Company, Lansing American Laundry
Knox's 5 & 10 Cent Store J.T. Wing & Co. Mill and Factory Supplies, Detroit
I.E. Ilgenfritz' Sons Co. Nursery, Monroe, MI Kewaunee Mfg. Co., Kewaunee, Wisconsin
Reliance Engineering Co., Cream Separators, Lansing John Deere Plow Co., Lansing
Novo Engine Company, Lansing.
C.E. Bement Sec. & Gen Mgr.
American Seating Company, Chicago
Inner Braced Furniture Co., Elkhart, Indiana Bijou  - Vaudeville
W.S. Butterfield, Gen. Mgr.; Al. W. Walle, Res. Mgr.
Davis Ice Cream Co. Larrabee's Sport Shop, Lansing
The Remington Typewriter Co., Lansing Robert Smith Company, Binding, Lansing, Detroit, Chicago.
Electric City Engraving Co., Buffalo. Lansing Insurance Agency, Lansing
A.D. Baker, Z.C. Goodell, Prof. Walter H. French, Ralph Goodell
Sharp & Smith Veterinary Instruments, Chicago The Banting Machine Co., Ensilage Cutters, Toledo Ohio
Lansing State Savings Bank, Lansing and North Lansing
H.H. Larned, J. Edward Roe
The Holcad, the Student's Paper
Burr, Patterson & Company of Detroit, Jewelers Abbey & Walters, For Men's Duds...
College Inn, Abbott Hall, Food & Service
W.J. Dubey, Proprietor
B.F. Churchill, College Drayman; East Lansing
Glasses by Towle Sprowl Bros. Everywoman's Store; Lansing
Morley Brothers Wholesale Hardware, Saginaw Reliance Engineering Co., Lansing: Olds Engines
Hoover-Bond Co. Good Furniture Colonial Theatre, Lansing
The Downey (all it says!) Snell The Tailor, Lansing
Washburn & Beckwith Sport Shop; Lansing College Drug & Grocery, East Lansing
A.C. Bauer, Pharmacist
City National Bank, Lansing REO Motor Car Company, Lansing
Central Market, Lansing
Bopp Bros., Proprietors
Woodworth Shoes, Lansing
The Fashion Shop, East Lansing Blanke's Mfg. & Supply Co., St Louis
The Chas A. Strelinger Co., Detroit
Machinery, small tools.
Conner's Cooked Dog Food, Battle Creek, MI.
Boyer-Campbell Co., Detroit
Tools & Factory Supplies
The Mapes Company Men's Wear, Lansing
The Rikerd Lumber Co. Crotty Bros. Gifts
Nortons Hardware W.K. Prudden & Co., Automobile Wheels
O'Connor Clothier, Lansing
James O'Connor
Campus Club Lunch
J.H. Waters, Proprietor
The Hamburger - A good place to eat
H.J. Durbin, E.T. Durbin
F.M. Loftus Grocery, East Lansing
Lansing Foundry Company Central Welding Co., Lansing
Trimble Bros., Proprietors
Pictorial Printing Co., Aurora, Illinois John C. Moninger Co., Greenhouses; Chicago, Cincinatti, New York
American Lumberman, Chicago, Il. Rand McNally & Company, Maps; Chicago & New York
Kenneth Anderson Co. Engineers Supplies, Detroit Union Products Co., Cleveland, Ohio
Star Crystal Laundry, Lansing
John Harris, Manager
Eugene Dietzgen Co, Mfgr's. Measuring Tapes;
Chicago, N.Y., San Francisco, New Orleans, Toronto, Pittsburg, Philadelphia
The Lufkin Rule Co., Saginaw and New York Phoenix Sprinkler & Heating Co.; Grand Rapids and Detroit
Hank & Frank's Students' Barber Shop with Jefferson Pool Room & Cigar Store; East Lansing College Photo Studio (over Elmac Theatre)
Fox Typewriter; Grand Rapids Jacob Reed's Sons Uniforms; Philadelphia
The College Printery, East Lansing Ye Clear The Photographer
Yearbook Photographer; Lansing

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