Lansing High School Yearbook

These names are not in alphabetical order.
I have left them in the order as they appear in the book.

J.W. Sexton Superintendent
C.E. LeFurge Principal
Emma M. Lott -This is the best Junior Class I've ever had.
Mary Derby -For instance, I had an experience like this-
Elsie Seitz -The face is a map upon which is indelibly printed the
musings of the soul.
Karolena M. Fox -"I work with patience which is almost power."
Laura Julien -You may all take zero for today
Margaret Pratt -Girls, the bell had rung.
Helen E. Olson -Your history - a blank, my lord!
Marian Sly -As I said before, you're here to study.
Carolyn A. Barber -"Would my horse had the speed of her tongue."
Ida A. Lamb -Cela suffit.
Helen Jameson -My name's Mrs. Jameson.
Nina E. Bristol -Pin yourself right down to the text.
Nellie McCormick -You must have your lesson every day.
Inez E. Cole -Cur?
Mary C. Tunison -Liven up a bit, you're all too slow.
Elizabeth Cronin -When I was in South America-
H. B. McKale -I merely mention this to bring out the point.
Marion E. Hall -A certain individual-
Etta R. Wilbur -There are a few people in this room who don't seem
to realize that they can't whisper.
H.E. Gardner -You may report tomorrow at 7:45.
Leora A. Chapin -Use common sense.
Calvin L. Legg -the lesson for next day-
Gwendolen H. Adams -I feel a little guilty
Zella M. Kimmel -Let's have it quiet.
James W. Hoge -"Music is a sublime instinct like genius of all kinds."
Frances Glenn -The ten minute bell has rung.
William J. Trachsel -Oh, it is, is it?
M.A. Leach -Now let's play.
Etta Crilly -Please stand when you are reciting.
Wilhelmina Schmidt -Now Robert, if you're not going to attend to
business, you can get right out of here.
C.L. Bailey -You must have your lesson every day if you stay in
this class very long.
R.B. Peterman -Ain't that all right?
Agnes C. Perrott -"I would if I could, but I can't, 'cause I'm married
now, you know."
Margaret O. Kilby -Oh, Dear!
Margaret Magill -"Kind hearts are more than coronets."
Lita M. Allen -Oh, people, be quiet!
Irma Hawley -The road to a man's heart leads through his stomach.
Ruth Russell -Now what's the matter?
Marian Morse -Don't cross your bridges till you reach them.
Martha Pratt -Follow your directions.
Lulu Smith -Now, if you people can't settle down-
E.M. Hall -I'll be busy for a while.
J.W. Slaughter -This class is all right, but I've had one better.
E.J. Allett - (Every Friday) Now we will take pencil and paper.
Harold Spross -That reminds me of a little story.
Winifred Nivison -I don't know what I will do without this class next year.
Elsie Dreffein -As you were.
Frank Long -"Respect is better secured by expecting it, than soliciting it."
Paul Hagen -Be sure, bring back those keys.
J.W. Stephens -The first aisle basses may hold do, the second
aisle sopranos may hold me.
Leila Clements -"She blushes, all is safe."
Julia Harvey -"Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an
excellent thing in a woman."
Florence Gable -"For a woman to be wise and at the same time
womanly, is to wield a tremendous influence for good."
Laura Millar -"Of plain, sound sense, life's current coin is made."
Marjorie Kilbury -"Silence has ben given to woman the better to
express her thoughts."
Carolyn Schray -"Good humor is the health of the soul."
Katherine Burns
*Died May 12, 1920.
-Good nature, like a bee, collects honey from every herb.
D.W. Bradford -You may move on, girls.
Harry Rockwood -Now I'll take advantage of my few gray hairs.
Elinor Danielson -"There is gravity in wisdom, but no particular
wisdom in gravity.

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