Lansing High School Yearbook


Donald Davis Don "A worthy gentleman - Valiant as a lion and wondrous affable." President '20, Secretary of Oracle Board, House of Representatives, Junior Ex.
Mildred Kinney - "Most radiant, exquisite and unmatchable beauty." Vice President '20, Senior Banquet Committee, Junior Ex., Euripidean
Gertrude Rosecrans Jack "So cool, so calm, so bright." Secretary '20, Junior Hop Committee, Junior Ex., Euripidean

Radcliffe Fulton

- "Friends may betray, authorities may tyrannize and the wicked may triumph, but it cannot touch him." Treasurer '20, President '17, Debating '19, '20, Banquet Committees '19, '20.
Clarissa Anderson - "I believe in gettin' as much good outer life as I kin-and I've got a happy feelin' in me most of the time." Assistant Zodiac Editor, Associate Editor Oracle, Vice-President '18, Secretary '19, Adelphic
Lloyd G.Avery - "No man ever spoke more neatly, more precisely, more weighty; or suffered less emptiness, less idleness in what he uttered." Assistant Editor of Oracle, Business Manager Zodiac '20, Senior Banquet Committee, Business Manager Junior Ex.
Evangeline Allen - "Noise is waste. The silent sun is mightier than the whirlwind." -
Ruth Arbaugh - "A merry dancer." Euphronian
Chester Baker - "A gentleman who loves to hear himself talk." Debating Team '19, '20; Speaker House of Rep, Chairman Junior Picnic Com., Senior Play Com.
Elizabeth C. Bartholomew - "To know her is to love her- And love but her forever, For nature made her what she is, And never made another." Vice-President '17, Zodiac Staff '18, Oracle Board '20, President Euphronian '20
Dorothy Barrett Dot "Nothing can constitute good-breeding which has not good nature for its foundation." Williamston H.S. three years
Harold George Bauerle - "A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy." Junior Ex., Orchestra '19, '20, Glee Club '20, Bath H.S. two years
Gertrude Barnes - "More have repented of speech than of silence." -
Glenn Baker - "A soldier - Fit to stand by Caesar." -
Lester E. Bendykson Ben "To be a well favored man is a gift of fortune." -
Belva E. Berg Bobby "Pretty and witty." -
Kenneth Black - "I'd had rather hear a brazen candlestick turned, Or a dry wheel grate on an axel tree, And that would set my teeth nothing on edge, Nothing so much as mincing poetry." Treasurer '19, Advertising Manager Oracle, Sophomore banquet Committee, Junior Ex.
Christine Bludeau Chris "Young girls have SUCH spirits!" -
Emerel Brown - "The foolishest of the foolish are those who try to be the least foolish." -
Beatrice Bowman Bee "You may trust in me. I am not at all changeable and I am not unreasonable." -
Ruth Bowdish - "Only the young die good." Junior Ex., Glee Club
Robert P. Briggs Bob "The worst fault you have is to be in love." Ass't. Adv. Manager Zodiac '18, Advertising Manager Zodiac '19, Senior Class Play Committee, Cliosophic
Irene Bowser - "The stars do not shout; they only shine." Zodiac Staff '20, Euphronian
Janet Boyce Jan "To praise her, were
To gild refined gold, to paint the lily, To throw perfume on the violet, To smoothe the ice, to add another hue to the rainbow."
Wilmot Buckingham Buck "A lawn tennis mind cannot understand a football soul." Football '18, '19,
Baseball '19, 20
Rob't. Allen Burhans Bob "An eye like Mars- to threaten and command." Decoration Committee '16, Junior Ex., Ass't Adv. Manager Oracle, First Lieut. Military Training
Charlotte M. Brownson - "There is no time like the pleasant." -
Rhena G. Brokaw - "If I can't do anything else to help along, I smile." Chorus and Glee Club
Theodore Burdick Ted "What mighty ills have not been done by woman? Who was it betrayed the capitol? A woman! Who lost Mark Antony the world? A woman! Who was the cause of a long ten years' war, And laid at last old Troy in ashes? Woman! Woman! Destructive, damnable, deceitful Woman! Football '17, '18
Junior Ex. Committee
Pamela Brown Pam "Her soul was like a star and dwelt apart." Three years in East Lansing H.S., Frasoris
Vance L. Bullen Vancie
or Bill
"She outstrips all praise." Freshman year in Fowlerville H.S.
Earl Budd Earlie "Smile! Smile! Smile!" Yell Master Class '20, Senior Banquet, Leader of Band, Folly Day
Wilma Chamberlain Billy "Self-possession is the greatest possession of all." -
Herbert J. Calhoun Skirts "A blush is beautiful - but often inconvenient." -
June Calahan - "Like a sweet, melodious bird she sings- Sweet varied notes, enchanting every ear." Assistant Art Editor Zodiac '18, Chairman Junior Ex. Committee, Glee Club, Adelphic
Ruth Christopher Rufus "Here's a smile to those who love me, And a sigh to those who hate
And whatever sky's above me-
Here's a heart for any fate."
Chairman Soph. Decorating Com., Class Pin Committee '19, Junior Ex.
Alberta Clark - "More yellow was her hair than the flower of the broom, And her skin was whiter than the foam of the wave." Vive President '18, Junior Ex. Committee, Senior Hop Committee
Lelia I. Coleman Lee "We've but a little while to stay upon this whirling sphere, so let's look up and be gay the little while we are here." -
Kenneth Lester Canniff - "On their own merits modest men are dumb." Senior Decorating Committee
E. Elaine Clise Red or Torchy "I do not know of any way so sure of making others happy as being so myself." 1 year Chesaning H.S.
1 year Owosso H.S.
Trevor L. Christie Ted "One capable of observation, acute in remark, prompt, active, calm, intrepid." Debating '20, Class Baseball '19, Class Basketball '20, One and 1/2 years Fresno H.S., Fresno, Calif.
Marian Cook - "An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves." Three years in Mason H.S.
Margaret E. Collins - "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." -
Floris H. Colvin - "Kindness is a language the dumb can speak,and deaf can hear and understand." 2 years Grand Rapids central H.S., 1 year at Muskegon H.S.
Alice Corbett Allie "Why should life all labor be?" Adelphic
Roy Clifford - "He was both high and low; both rich and poor; both young and old." -
Mae Louise Cox Coppie "Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society." Three years at Mason H.S.
Maxine E. Corliss - "My attachments are strong and never weaken." Junior Ex., Invitation Committee, Euripidean
Alice Cook Cooky "Pleasant company always accepted." -
Lena M. Cook - "I live in the world rather as a spectator of mankind than as one of the species." -
Maye Crawford - "Whatever else you are in life - be agreeable." Chorus, Military Training
Carl Cross - "Young, sound, and impudent." Folly Day Committee
Ellen Draper - "A merry heart and true."
Frances Ann Dodd - "A coquette is a woman without any heart who makes a fool of a man without any head." Junior Ex., Class Pin Committee, Cap and Gown Committee
Elinor P. Daferner - "Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you." Class Motto Committee, Junior Ex. Com., Chairman Senior Invitation Com.
Vivian Daniels - "Good humor is the health of the soul." -
Carl George Egeler Shrimp Jr. "Seldom he smiles, and smiles in such a sort,
As if he mocked himself, and scorned his spirit
That could be moved to smile at anything."
Sophomore Picnic Committee. Junior Picnic Committee, Folly Day Committee, Junior Ex.
Thomas B. Eldred Tom "The best thing in him is his complexion." Junior Ex.
Lawrence E. Emerson Larry "What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other." 3 years East Lansing H.S., One semester in Manual Training H.S. indianapolis, Ind.
Zera K. Esler Bud "A good fellow - Always ready to make himself generally useful." Second Team Football '18,
Class track, Basket Ball, Indoor Baseball
Esther Felzke - "I deliver my words not by numbers but by weight." -
Helen Ferguson - "I am young and earnest; and energy and determination have done wonders many a time." -
Beatrice Grace Fish Bee "Unaffected and sincere." -
Christine V. Frappier John "Men were deceivers ever." Orchestra, Glee Club
Gladys Franks Franks "Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are and doing things as they ought to be done." Junior Ex, Class Day Committee
Donald Graham Don "Love is like a dizziness,
 It winna let a poor body
Gang about his biziness."
Associate Editor Oracle, President '19, Football '16, '17, '18, '19; basket Ball '17, '18, '19, '20
Ernest Gerke - "But little noise is made by those who do much." Football '19
Rolene Green - "The proper study of mankind is man." Junior Ex.
Dorothy E.
Dicky "She is a favorite with everyone here- and deserves to be." Invitation Committee
Robert K. Gordon Bob "The glass of fashion and the mold of form." -
Frances Graham - "Always thoughtful, kind, untroubled." 1 year in Arthur Hill H.S. Saginaw
Myrtle Geisenhaver - "Be not simply good, be good for something." 2 years in Dimondale H.S.
Helen German Spooky "Still I am learning." Cliosophic
Marjorie Gitchell - "A woman who observes and reflects in a most uncommon manner." 2 years Evart H.S., Glee Club
Mark Ivan Hammond - "Mirth, with thee I mean to live." 1 year in Detroit, Junior Ex.
Donald C. Hansen Don "An adventurous spirit." Football '18, Track '20, Junior Ex., Senior Decorating Committe
Kathryne Hart Katy "I chatter, chatter as I go." -
Walter Hall Dick "Born to speak all mirth and no matter." Basket Ball '20
Edna L. Hawley Eddie "A good disposition is more valuable than gold." -
Richard Harb Dick "Idle weeds are fast in growth." Glee Club
Lauren Hewett Bud "That rarest of all things- A constant man." Senior Banquet Committee, Frasoris, Baseball '20
Mabel E. Hart Mabs "So kind, so apt, so blessed a disposition." -
Arthur S. Hetchler Art "A gentleman of great courage, good understanding - but invincible modesty." Chorus, Class Day Committee
Martha R. Hoag Bill "So perfect and so peerless." Glee Club
Gladys Hoff Glad or Hoffy "The all seeing sun never saw her match since first the world begun." Editor-in-chief Oracle, Debating '19, Zodiac Staff '19, Chairman Senior Play Committee
Harold House Housie "To be heard rather then to be seen." -
Alfred E. Howell Al "I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I will not retreat a single inch and I WILL BE HEARD! Debating '20, Business Manager Oracle, Junior Ex. Committee, Treasurer House of Rep.
Harold A. Hunter Tug "The face is a bulletin board, on which is advertised what is going on inside of us." -
Dorothy Hubbard Pat "Fair as a star, when only one
Is shining in the sky."
Oracle Board, Senior Hop Committee, 3 years
Mt. Pleasant H.S.
Ruth Hyde Ruthie "Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk." Secretary Cliosophic '19, Vice President Cliosophic '20
Charles Hutt Huttie "I profess not to know how women's hearts are wooed and won-
To me they have always been matters
of riddle and admiration."
2 years Dimondale H.S., Junior Ex., Baseball '19
Frances Jenkins Fan or Frank "Wise and slow; they stumble that run fast." 1 year Williamston H.S.,
1 semester Pontiac H.S.
Ivah Jane Jessup Ivy Jane "My glory is to subdue men." -
Emil A. Kerkaw - "Whoever invented rules and formulas anyway?" Baseball
Bliss Keeler - "He uses his folly as a stalking-horse
And under the presentation of that he shoots his wit."
Junior ex., Zodiac Representative '16, '17
Harry George Kipke Kip "His name is great in mouths of wisest censure." Football '16, '17, '18, '19
Basket Ball '18, '19, '20
Baseball '17, '19, '20
Track '17, '18
Helen Kirby - "Was never eye did see that face
Was never ear did hear that tongue
Was never mind did mind her grace
That ever thot the journey long;
But eyes and earls and every thot
Were with her sweet perfections caught."
Secretary Board of Control, Zodiac Staff, President of Frasoris, Junior Hop Committee
Gordon B. Kittell Pete "Work may come and work may go- But I'll remain unemployed." -
Waldemar A. Koessel Wally "Nowhere so busy a man as he there was
And yet he seemed busier than he was."
Elizabeth Krieger - "Never bold - so still and quiet, that her motion blushes at itself." -
Harry R. Kull - "A man that fortune's buffets and rewards, has taken with equal thanks." -
Paul Lawrason Slim "Full many a lady have I eyed with best regard." Ass't. Adv. Manager Oracle, Glee Club
Dorothy Bowers Larson - "She's a most exquisite lady- A most fresh and delicate creature." Sophomore Banquet Committee, Junior Ex., Senior Play Committee
Rena Lewis - "Gentle and sweet to all who see her." Glee Club, Euripidean
Gearldine Agnes Lundy - "I am as constant as the Northern Star of whose fixed and lasting qualities there is no fellow in the firmament." Secretary '18, Junior Ex., Junior and Senior Decorating Committee, Adelphic
George O. 
- "A man who acts like a man." -
Helen F. LeGear Al or Lee "She is pretty to walk with
And witty to talk with
And pleasant too, think on."
3 years Central H.S. Mansfield Ohio, Senior Folly Day Committee
Winifred Landon Win "Whatever else you are in life- be agreeable." Euripidean
Theda Longcor - "There is such a charm in melancholy
I would not if I could be gay."
1 year at Ludington H.S.
W. Rankin Lewis - "A man of whom Lansing High School is justly proud." Football
Dorothy MacLaughlin Dot "If there are men in whom folly has never appeared it is because they have never ben closely examined." Chairman Senior Folly Day Com., Junior Ex., Oracle Board, Zodiac Staff
Paul Maier - "Go slow and easy if you want to get along with me." -
Mabel Mahler Molly "She's created of every creature's best." Debating '19, Junior Ex., President Adelphic '19, Zodiac Staff
Rosswell Matthew Mike "Tis the mind that makes the body rich." 2 years in Holt High School
Berenice McDonel Mac "A wonder in her azure that fascinates." -
Cecil B. Marble Nodey "Blessings on thee, little man." 2 years in Bannister H.S.
Merna B. McDonald - "There is a little of the melancholy in me." Onondaga H.S.,
Burdette H.S.
Marian McKim - "I do nothing carelessly or in a hurry." Chorus, Adelphic
Dan D. McCulough Mc or Dana "The knave is handsome, young and has all those requisites in him that green maids look after." Chairman Senior Hop Com., Junior Ex., President Frasoris
Mary McKinley - "To be great is to be misunderstood." Euphronian, Chairman of Cap and Gown Com.
Edwin G. 
Eddy or Mac "He wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat- it ever changes with the next block." Junior Ex., Frasoris, Senior Class day Play
Lawrence Arthur McKee - "With all his faults he is an admirable man." 1 year Kalamazoo Central H.S., 2 years Ostego H.S.
Ila Izora McKinnon - "Nothing would keep her at home if there were friends to serve or comfort outdoors." 3 years at Flushing H.S.
Donald Merritt Don "Firm of words,
Speaking of deeds and deedless in his tongue."
Roma Minore - "A beauty wrought out from within" Euphronian
Golda Morford - "Wearing throughout all this tract of years the white flower of a blameless life." Chorus, Euphronian
Vannette L. Meehan Van "A woman's heart like the moon is always changing, but there is always a man in it." 3 years Battle Creek H.S., Folly Day Committee
Alton Henry Murdick Al "Of untarnished honor; loyal and chivalrous." Junior Ex., President Cliosophic, President Industrial Course, Senior Commencement Com.
Elgin Edwin Narrin Narrin "My mind is my kingdom" Boy's Prize Army Essay Contest '20,
House of representatives,
1 year in Michigan's smallest High School, Excelsior Township, Kalkaska County
Clair Neller - "Forever foremost in ranks of fun." Glee Club, Football
R. Leone Oakley Loney "It's the songs ye sing an' the smiles ye wear
Thats a-makin the sunshine everywhere."
Junior Ex., Chorus, Glee Club, Euphronian
Geraldine Owen Joe "Woman thy name is curiosity." Euripidean
Erban Paxton - "One still strong man in a blatant land." 3 years Grover H.S. Ohio
Harold Palmiter Shorty "Where is there any author in the world that teaches such beauty as a woman's eye?" Saranac High School 3 years
Florence R. Peets Peggy "A quiet tongue shows a wise head." -
Rayburn G. Peterman Dick "Shadow of annoyance never came near me." 3 years at Crystal H.S.
Marjorie E. Pennell - "Why care for grammar as long as we are good?" -
Beamon J. Potter - "He doesn't say very much-
But when he starts to speak
You'd be surprised."
Pauline Post Pill "There is a language in her eye, her cheek, her lips- nay, her foot speaks." Art Editor Oracle, Junior Ex., Vice President '19, Folly Day Committee
Ronald J. Preston Slim "Sae truth his heart, sae smooth his speech." Zodiac Staff '20, Glee Club, Track Captain '20
Edith Pregulman Edel "Where the river is the deepest it runs the quietest." -
Cecil E. Rawden Rawden "Disguise our bondage as we will
'Tis woman, woman, rules us still."
Frederick Jack Raymond - "he has a shape to win grace, though he has no wit." Vice President Frasoris '18
Mabel Richmond - "Youth comes but once in a lifetime." Chorus
Leslie Robinson
Joe "A flow of words is no proof of wisdom." Chorus. Glee Club, Cliosophic
Alice Marie Raider Al "A woman fair and stately." -
Frances Rogers Frankie "Nature never framed a woman's heart of purer stuff." Secretary Class '16-'17, St. Louis High School,
Chairman Class Play, Washington D.C.,
Girls Basket Ball, Washington D.C.,
Class Day Committee Chairman
Lee Rosenbush
Rosey "The word 'impossible' is not in my dictionary." Chorus
Ruth L. Rogers - "All the men in the world would not make me loose one hour." -
Cleo S. Roberts - "With mirth and laughter
I while away my hours."
Harold William Sack - "Stiff in opinions." Chorus
Ethel Marie Smith - "Success in life consists of doing common things uncommonly well." 2 1/2 years Ovid High school
Clare E. Slaughter - "The mildest of men." -
Orville Sponsler - "Enthusiasm is the inspiration of everything great." -
Martha L. Starring Mart "She hath a cheery lip, bonnie eye, a passing, pleasing tongue." Cliosophic
Florence Marie Strudley - "I'd rather hear a dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me." Chorus
Gerald R. Starling - "Give me leave to speak my mind." 2 years at Wacousta
Zodiac Representative
Helen Stoll - "A woman's love is false." Junior Ex., Chorus, Glee Club
Marie Swigart Heke "Good breeding shows itself most where to an ordinary eye it appears the least." Chorus
Hazel Thompson - "A cheerful painstaking merry spirit." -
Dorothy L. Towle Dot "Handsome is as handsome does, but it saves a lot of trouble to be born good-looking." Junior Ex., Senior Folly day Committee, Commencement decorating Committee, Euphronian
Leslie Tornblom Let "An amiable boy of very good abilities." Junior Ex. Committee, Junior Ex., Cliosophic
Ruby E. Twitchell Rube "This world belongs to the energetic." Chorus
Harold Underhill Undy "I count life just a stuff to try the soul's strength on, educe the man." Vocational department's article for Oracle '20
Maize A. Vanderbeck Mickie "Tears, idle tears,
I know not what they mean."
Dimondale H.S. 2 years
Edward VanDervoort Ed "Why will men worry themselves so?" Football
Ruth VanWinkle Rip "My true love hath my heart and I have his." Class Secretary '17, Junior Ex., Class Picnic Committee '18, Class Day Play Committee
Bernadine Warner Beno "I cannot love, I am too young." Sophomore Banquet Committee, Frasoris
Stanley E. Wall Stub "His face- the map of truth, honor and loyalty" 19 months in France,
2 1/2 years Holland H.S.,
Received "R" in Football '19, Baseball All-Fresh '13
Nellie E. Weidenhamer - "Genius is intensive labor." 2 years at Perry High School
Gladys Wieland - "Deeper, deeper, let us toil
In the mines of knowledge."
Edwin D. White - "If everyone was as reasonable as I,what a heaven this earth would be." 2 years Grand Ledge H.S.
1 year Charlotte H.S., 
Orchestra, Band
Mary Wilson Tom "Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm." Class Secretary '18-'19,
Editor in Chief Zodiac '19-'20, Chairman Soph Picnic Committee
Pres. '20 Adelphic
Gerald Wicks Jerry "I can be obstinate enough with men if need be, but women can twist me around their fingers at will." Football '17 '18, Junior Ex.
Ellsworth Willis Willy "Like some young cypress-
Tall and dark and straight."
Junior Ex. Committee
Frank Wileden - "Richest in saving common sense,
And, as the greatest only are
In his simplicity, sublime."
1 year at Ortonville H.S.
Lawrence Winegar - "A man who can find comfort and occupation in his books." -
Dorothy Jane Yates Dot "As merry as the day is long." 2 years Olivet H.S.
1 year Eaton Rapids H.S. Chorus
Leila M. Young - "A lady fresh and fair." School-marm Folly Day
Chorus, Glee Club
Mildred Katherine Yunker - "Be gone, dull care,
Thou and I shall never agree."

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