1916 - 1921

ABBREVIATIONS-a, means acres; bds, boards; B tel, Bell telephone, 4 ch, 4 children; H&L, house and lot; Les 10, Leslie Township Road No. 10; 0, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle. Names in CAPITALS are those of Farm Journal subscribers.

The abbreviations used for the Townships of Ingham County are as follows:

Alaiedon, Ala. Leroy, Lry. Stockbridge, Skbg.
Aurelius, Aur. Leslie, Les. Vevay, Vev.
Bunker Hill, Br. Hl. Locke, Loc. Wheatfield, Wtfd.
Delhi, Del. Meridian, Mer. White Oak, Wh. Ok.
Lansing, Lan. Onondaga, Ono. Williamston, Wmsn.
Ingham, Ing.

Straight, Dan E. (Lela) 1 ch farmingO 80a 3h 8c R3 Leslie Les 74 Ind tel. Strope, Elmer E. (Jennie M.) 1 ch farmer 0 40a R6 Mason Vev 3 Ind tel.
STRAIGHT, FLOYD (Carrie) 3 ch farmer O 87a 5h 16c R3 Mason Ala 62 Ind tel. Stuck, Clyde (Iva) farming T R8 Lansing Lan 63
Straight, Geo. farming 0 l00a 4h l0c R4 Leslie Les 65 Ind tel. Stugest, A. L. 1 ch farmer 0 5a H&L 2h lc RD Okemos Mer 44.
Strang, John (Lena) 5 ch farming 0 80a 3h 5c Rl Onondaga Ono 54. Sturges. W. A. (Daisy) 2 ch farmer 20a H&L 2h 2c RD Okemos Mer 44.
Strank, Clark (Emma) farming 0 60a 5h 4c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur 15 B tel. STYLES, ED. R6 Leslie.
Strayer, Chas. (Malinda) 8 ch farmer O 40a 2h 4c RD Okemos Mer 43 Ind tel. Sulfridge, Bert (Jennie) 3 ch farming T 200a 7h 17c R5 Williamston Lry 55.
Strayer, Ed. (Katie) 3 ch mason 0 H&L Okemos Mer. Sulivan, B. F. 5 ch farmer 0 65a 3h 5c R4 Williamston Loc 27.
Streeter, Almer (Fern) T H&L Haslett Mer. SUMNER, C. F. (Kate) laborer 0 H&L Eden Vev 49.
STREETER, C. J. Onondaga. Surato, G. A. (Mary) 2 ch farming 0 40a 2h 9c R1 Holt Del 71.
Strenk, Henry (Pearl) 1 ch farming 0 20a 2h 5c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur 13 B tel. Sarato, L. M. (Mollie) 4 ch farmer 0 80a 5h 14c R7 Mason Aur 45 Ind tel.
Strickland, H. D. (Leta B.) farmer 0 l00a 5h lc R4 Mason Ala 44 Ind tel. SURATO, M. L. (Rozetta) 1 ch farmer T 156a 4h 28c R1 Holt Del 68 Ind tel.
STRICKLAND, G. R. (Mame) 2 ch farmer O 80a 8h 7c R7 Mason Aur 1 B tel SUTHERLAND, EDGAR W. (Helen T.) 2 ch farming 0 95a 2h 4c R3 Lansing Lan 68 Ind tel.
Strieter, Gustav F. (Christina) 3 ch carpenter 0 H&L RD East Lansing Mer 39. Sutherland, John (Ethel) 1 ch painter T lh R3 Lansing Lan 68.
String, Edward (Matilda) 1 ch farming T 120a 3h 6c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur Ind tel. Sutherland, Lyda 5 ch farming 0 40a lh 3c R3 Lansing Lan 68.
Stringham, Chas. laborer Woodworth St Leslie. Suttell, E. A. (Martha) 3 ch farmer 0 94a 4h 21c R2 Williamston Wmsn 30 Ind tel.
STRINGHAM, GEORGE (Ruth) 1 ch farming T H&L R5 Leslie Br H1 20. Sutton, Mrs. Jennie 1 ch 0 la R2 Leslie Les 36.
Stringham, Leroy laborer T H&L lh lc R5 Leslie Br Hl 40. Swan, Ed farmer 0 80a 2h 5c R5 Mason Ing 8.
Stringham, Mrs. Mary A. 3 ch farmer 0 132a 5h 9c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur 7 B tel. Swan, F. I. (Mary) farming 0 90a 2h 4c R2 Dansville Whfd 58.
Stringham, Orvin laborer T H&L R5 Leslie Br Hl 20. Swan, Levi farmer 0 60a 3h 4c R4 Stockbridge Wh Ok 48 Ind tel.
Strobel, Charles (Ora) 5 ch farmer 0 250a 6h 25c Rl Webberville Wh Ok 37 Ind tel. Swan, Mary E. 4 ch farmer 0 70a 2c R5 Mason Ing 8.
Strobel, J. S ch farmer 0 200a 2h 30c R2 Webberville Lry 42 Ind tel. Swan, Orrin (Jessie) 4 ch farmer T 60a 5h l0c R3 Dansville Wh Ok 16 Ind tel.
STROHL, FRANK (Susie) 3 ch foreman gravel pit T H&L lc R3 Lansing Del 37 1/2 B tel. Swan, Robert (Ida) 3 ch farmer 0 180a 4h 9c R5 Mason Ing 13 B tel.
Strong, Conger (Lyda) 3 ch farmer T H&L R6 Lansing Lan 11. SWAN, Roy (Blanch) farming T 270a l0h 35c R1 Williamstown Whfd 39.
Strong, David (Jeanie) 1 ch farming 0 80a 5h 14c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur 28 Ind tel. Swarthouse, Wm. B. (Clara) 3 ch farmer 0 120a 6h 19c R2 Williamston Wmsn 25 Ind tel.
Strong, E. Z. postmaster T H&L Dansville. SWARTHOUT. W. D. R2 Williamston.
Swartz, J. C. (Florence) 10 ch 0 20a 2h 4c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur 26.
SWEENEY, JOHN W. Williamston.
Sweeney, Robert (Jessie) 1 ch butcher 0 2a Onondaga Ono.
Sweet, Clarence (Vina) 1 ch laborer 0 2a 3c R3 Stockbridge Br H1 70 Ind tel.


ABBREVIATIONS-a, means acres; bds, boards; B tel, Bell telephone, 4 ch, 4 children; H&L, house and lot; Les 10, Leslie Township Road No. 10; 0, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle. Names in CAPITALS are those of Farm Journal subscribers.

(This page is unusual in that it places the remaining "S" surnames in the right column instead of the left column. I have left the order as it appears in the book)

Taylor, Chris feed mill Stockbridge. Sweet, Frank (Elizabeth) laborer 0 la R3 Stockbridge Br Hl 70 Ind tel.
TAYLOR, C. F. R2 Williamston. SWEET, JOHN S. (Livonia R.) 1 ch farmer 0 84a 4h l1c R1 Eaton Rapids Ono 2 Ind tel.
Taylor, Flave (May) 1 ch farmer 0 151a 8h 20c R5 Leslie Les 31 Ind tel. SWEET, LEON G. (Florence E.) 1 ch farmer T 110a 3h 7c R3 Webberville Loc 82 Ind tel.
Taylor, Floyd (Vera) farming T 77a 3h 12c R2 Leslie Vev 47. Sweet, L. S. farming 0 l00a 6h 12c R6 Mason Vev 8 Ind tel.
Taylor, George (Alma) farming 0 107a 1h 2c R6 Leslie Les 42 Ind tel. Sweet, William H. (Carrie) 2 ch farming T 35a R3 Stockbridge Br Hl 70.
TAYLOR, GEO. 0. (Mina) 1 ch farmer 0 80a 4h 7c R2 Williamston Wmsn 17 Ind tel. Sweetes, Joe 3 ch farmer T 40a 2h lc R4 Perry Loc 68.
Taylor, H. J. (Luella) 2 ch farming 0 80a 8h 20c R3 Leslie Les 52 Ind tel. Sweezy, J. S. (Altarane) general store 0 2h R4 Leslie Br H1 47 Ind tel.
Taylor, H. M. (Mary) farming 0 307a 20h 25c R4 Mason Ala 36 Ind tel. Swift, Cortis (Philine) 3 ch farming 0 80a 3h 7c R7 Mason Del 18 B tel.
Taylor, H. R. farming T R4 Mason Ala 36. SWIFT, MRS. C. B. R1 Mason.
TAYLOR, J. C. East Lansing. Swift, H. A. (Essie) R. R. man 0 H&L Onondaga Ono Ind tel.
Taylor, L. N. (Grace) 2 ch farming 0 120a 5h 17c R5 Leslie Les 45 Ind tel. Swift, Levant (Anna) cement contractor T H&L Onondaga Ono Ind tel.
Taylor, Nellie T R4 Mason Ala 36. SWIFT, RALPH (Mary) 3 ch laborer 0 2a 1h lc RD Onondaga Ono 23 Ind tel.
TAYLOR, RALPH Box 4 R6 Lansing. Swift, William L. farming 0 40a 2h R6 Mason Vev 10.
Taylor, Roy (Maude) 2 ch farmer 0 120a 5h 12c R2 Leslie Les 27 Ind tel. Switzgable, C. (Emma) 1 ch 0 120a 4h 18c R3 Lansing Del 59 B tel.
TAYLOR, WM. E. (May) 3 ch farmer 0 170a 4h 31c R1 East Lansing Mer 3 Ind tel. SWITZGABLE, EDWARD (Mamie) rural mail carrier 0 H&L 2h RD Holt Del 97 B tel.
TAYLOR, W. H. (Myrtle) 5 ch farming 0 80a 4h l1c R1 Mason Vev 27 Ind tel. Tainto, Mrs. Mina 6 ch farming 0 40a 2h 1c R3 Lansing Lan 70.
Taylor, Wm. H. (Mary) 4 ch farmer 0 30a R1 Holt Del 77. TALMADGE, G. H. blacksmith 0 80a R2 Leslie Les 47.
Teall, Harry N. carpenter and painter 0 H&L Main St Leslie Les. TANGHE, JEROME (Elnora) 1 ch farmer 0 97a 3h 9c R5 Mason Ing 16 B tel.
Teall, W. B. (Seigniora) 1 ch farmer 0 196a 8h 13c R5 Mason Vev 80 B tel. TANK, CHARLES (Pauline) 2 ch farmer 0 85a 5h 16c R1 Lansing Lan 5 Ind tel.
TELLMAN, JOHN Box 104 Webberville. Tanner, James (Martha) farming 0 120a R1 Onondaga Ono 59 Ind tel.
TENEYCK, MRS. C. P. R4 Lansing. TANNER, MORLEY (Ethel) farming T 120a 3h l1c R1 Onondaga Ono 59 Ind tel.
TERRILL, AMI (Pearl) 2 ch farmer T 170a 3h 23c R5 Mason Ing 8 Ind tel. TANSWELL, JOHN E. (Antoinette) farming Short Horne breeder 0 205a 8h 17c R6 Mason Vev 3 Ind tel.
Terry, Chas. (Nellie) farming 0 320a 16h 4c R1 Onondaga Ono 24 Ind tel. TAYLOR, MRS. ALICE 1 ch farmer 0 50a 2h 1c R5 Mason Ing 15 B tel.
Terry, Geo. W. (Clarissa J.) farming 0 H&L Onondaga Ono Ind tel. TAYLOR, ARCHIE L. (Mary L.) farmer T 53a 3h 1c R5 Williamston Wh Ok 17
Terry, Jasper (Lura) farmer T 260a 16h 2c R1 Eaton Rapids Ono 5 Ind tel.
TERRY, J. R. (Jessie) 1 ch farming 0 180a 8h 30c R2 Onondaga Ono 26 Ind tel.
Terry, Nort (Blanch) farming 0 41a 3h 8c R1 Onondaga Ono 11 Ind tel.


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