a - means acres; bds - boards; B Tel. - Bell telephone; 4 ch, - 4 children; H & L - house and lot; O - owns; R1 - Rural Route No. 1; ret - retired; T - tenant; 4h - 4 horses; 2c - 2 cattle.

Beech, Effie W Maple St Ind tel. CADY, MENZO (Edythe) 1 ch ret farmer Barnes St.
Beech, Jessie 1 ch W Maple St Ind tel. Calkins, Edmund A. (Nettie) civil engineer West Maple St.
Bell, Alvah (Minnie) 3 ch plumber Ash St. CALL, H. 0. Box 305.
Bell, Charles (Alice) 1 ch laborer West Maple St. Callahan, John (Margaret) railroad foreman Mechanic & North Sts.
Bell, C. W. (Alice) granite works Maple St B tel. Campbell, Mrs. E. Maple and C sts.
Bellamy, Henry 3 ch florist Buzzell St B & Ind tels. CAMPBELL, M. K.
BEMENT, M. J. (Nannie) ret farmer Oak St. Campbell, Orly (Laura) 2 ch laborer
Bentley, Ellen West Elm St. Cappeller, Mrs. Mina Cherry St.
Bergman, Arlington A. (Lulu A.) attorney Oak St. Carn, Mrs. Harriette ret farmer Columbia St.
Betts, Albert (Ada) 1 ch laborer Cherry St. Carns, Herb. (Nina) 1 ch Lansing St.
Bickett, Clarence (Emma) 13 ch clerk O H&L Ind tel. CARR, Mrs. S. J. Buzzel St.
Blakely, Gertrude 1 ch housekeeper Elm St. Casterlin, Mrs. Harriett W. 3 ch Cherry and C Sts.
Blakely, James (Laura) ret farmer Oak St. Ind tel. Cavender, Nellie R. clerk Ash St B tel.
Blanchard, Willard 2 ch carpenter Lansing St. Chalker, Wm. S. (Lottie 0.) ret farmerOak St.
Bond, H. J. (Iva E.) banker D St B tel. Chaplain, Howard (Marjorie) pool room Maple St.
Bordner, Geo. (Nettie) 1 ch jeweler D St. CHAPKIN, L. 2 ch ret West Maple St.
Bortle, Manley (Mary) laborer East Ash St. Cheney, W. A. (Carrie) 1 ch ret West Maple St.
Boyce, Luther L. (Marguerite E.) blacksmith Buzzel St. Clark, Mrs. Kate 1 ch housekeeper Main St Ind tel.
Bristol, Geo. W. (Harriette) lawyer West Ash St. CLARK, W. L. (Adella) publisher. See adv.
Brotherton, Amasa (Etta) 2 ch bricklayer Cherry St. Clinton, Charles 3 ch clerk of Probate Court Lansing St.
Brower, Jos. A. (Effie) 3 ch printer D & Maple Sts Ind tel. Clipper, 0. S. (Lila) 2 ch bakery East Elm St B tel.
Brown, Charles F. harness maker 217 Oak St. Colby, Emery (Fern) 1 ch painter West Ash St.
Brown, Wm. H. H. laborer Mills St. Cole, Carlyle R. (Mattie) laborer Center and Mechanic Sts.
Browne, Chas. W., Sr. (Effie) 2 ch owner of Pastime Theatre Main St B tel. Conn, Wm. (Emma Irene) ret farmer West Ash St.
Browne, Chins. W., Jr. (Ethelyn) salesman Main St B tel. Cook, F. 0. (Jennie) 3 ch hay buyer South St Ind tel.
Burroughs, Chas. H. (Carrie M.) laborer Columbia St. Corodery, Edward N. author North Main St.
Bush, Thomas (Etta) ret Mills St. Coulston, Sidney R. (Charlotte) 1 ch Ash St Ind tel.
Courtright, R. D. (Minnie) 3 ch vegetable dealer Ash St Ind tel.
Coy, John (Mary) 1 ch farmer West Maple St.
Critchett, Louis 1 ch butcher West Ash St.


a - means acres; bds - boards; B Tel. - Bell telephone; 4 ch, - 4 children; H & L - house and lot; O - owns; R1 - Rural Route No. 1; ret - retired; T - tenant; 4h - 4 horses; 2c - 2 cattle.

Cross, Paul (Sylva) hardware Mill St. Elmer, Mrs. J. K. Columbia St.
Culver, E. (Nellie) jeweler South and C Sts. Every, Miss Addie Okemos St.
Culver, S. H. physician West Ash St. Every, Miss Ellie Okemos St.
Cummings, Oliver (Maria) laborer West Maple St.

Every, Ernest D. (Edythe) 2 ch electrician West St.

Curry, C. S. (Olive H.) ret 349 East Ash St. FAY, HOBART W. cattle breeder. Seeadv.
Darrin, Byron (Anna) ret blacksmith Buzzel St. Fellows, Robt. W. (Ella C.) 1 ch ret Elm St B tel.
Darrow, C. H. Cherry St B tel. FIELD, Mrs. CHAS.
DARROW, JAMES H. (Mildred) 1 ch farmer South St. Field, Frank H. (Myra L.) 1 cli insurance W Ash St.
Davis, Clint (Myrtle) ticket agent. Fogelsong, Mary Lansing St.
Dayton, Thomas E. (Edith) 1 ch barber E Ash St Ind tel. Foot, David (Mary) 1 ch ret farmer Ash St.
Dean, Alonzo (Mary) 2 ch laborer West Maple St. Ford, Aseltine 1 ch jewelry store Lansing St.
Dean, Frank P. (Lillian I.) ret merchant Main St B tel. Foskit, E. J. (Emma) painter W Ash St.
Dean, Grover (Sylvia) hardware Main St. B tel. Fowler, John T. (Flora) blacksmith Columbia St.
Dean, John C. (Jessie) 2 ch farmer S Main St. Freeland, H. C. (Louisa) ret Oak St Btel.
Dean Wm. B. (Josephine) 2 ch grain elevator Main St Ind tel. Freeland, Orrin H. (Anna H.) doctor Ash St Ind tel.
Dean, W. J. (Myrtie) 3 ch solicitor & auditor West St. Fuller, Charles (Raphel) 1 ch blacksmith Cherry St.
Densmore, Don G. (Maude E.) 2 ch clerk Oak St. Gardner, Henry M. (Mary) 1 ch judge Maple St.
Densmore, Earl (Lena) laborer W Maple St. Gillette, Miles (Mary) farmer Mill St.
Densmore, Francis E. (May) banker Oak St B tel. Glosser, Charles (Alvira) ret 353 E Ash St.
Densmore, Jess register of deeds Ash St. Gorton, Warren (Josephine) farmer & carpenter Columbia Ave.
Depew, Wallace G. (Bertha) farmer Main St. Graham, Wm H. (Sahra D.) county clerk Ash St Ind tel.
Deuel, Geo. (Sadie) clerk T H&L B tel. Gray, Jesse (Nellie) 2 ch laborer T St.
Dickman, Carl barber Lansing St. Grayson, Fred (col) (Mary) 1 ch laborer South & D Sts.
Doane, Edw. J. (Myrta B.) 1 ch drain commissioner Main St B tel. Green, Emanuel (Carrie) 7 ch farmer Buzzell St.
DUNHAM, Mrs. LENORA Star Route. Green, Fred veterinary South St.
Earle, Mrs. George A. S Main St. Gregory, Glen (Helen) manager Telephone Co. W Maple St.
Eckhart, Clyde (Zora) 1 cli contractor South St Ind tel. Gregory, Mrs. Nettie Main St Ind tel.
Eddy, Mrs. 1 ch North St. Greve, .J. F. (Minnie) 2 ch grocery Maple St.
Ellett, Frank G. (Harriette) 1 ch author W Ash St. Griffin, Charles (Minnie) farmer Okemos St.
Ellsworth, Pitt. M. (Sarah) laborer W Elm St. Griffin, George (Maud) 2 ch salesman Maple St B tel.
Elmer, Miss Dora housekeeper Columbia St. GRIFFIN, OLIVER F. (Mamie A.) farmer 0 5a lh 2c.


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