a - means acres; bds - boards; B Tel. - Bell telephone; 4 ch, - 4 children; H & L - house and lot; O - owns; R1 - Rural Route No. 1; ret - retired; T - tenant; 4h - 4 horses; 2c - 2 cattle.
Names in CAPITALS are Farm Journal subscribers.

TRUE, M.D. carpenter A St. Whipple, Arlo C (Clara J.) drayman Columbia St B Tel.
Turner, Mrs. Jennie  O'Kenus St. White, Lucius R. (Martha B.) 4ch cashier Cherry St. B Tel.
Updyke, Eugene (Bessie) 2ch laborer Columbia St. White, R.C. (Lauretta) 4ch Electric Light & Water Barnes St B Tel.
Valentine, Fred. laborer Mill St. WHITE, STEPHEN (Emily) 3ch sexton 0 3a B Tel.
VanCamp, Wellington (Neva) 2ch  real estate Maple St. Whiting, C.J. (Mabel) 3ch grocer Columbia St
Vandercook, Willis (Eva) ret carriage trimmer Main St. Whiting, George W. (Ida L.) ret Okemos and Jefferson Sts.
VanHorn, Geo. 2ch  farmer 0 3a 1h Whitman, Chas. W. (Mary A.) 1ch clothier Oak St B tel.
VanMeter, Emmet W. (Edna) picture show at Leslie  Ash St  B Tel. Whitmore, David P. (Minnie A.) 1ch real estate Oak St Box 436 B Tel.
VanVorse, Mrs. Ida  2ch  Ash St  Ind Tel. Whitmore, J.S. (Annie) ret Columbia St.
VanZile, Mrs. Mary E. McRoberts St. Whitney, Albert L. (Jennie) farmer Mills St.
Verhelst, Henry (Bertha) 1ch plumber South St. WILBUR, HOMER (Mabel) 3ch farmer Ind Tel.
Vyse, Louis W. (Julia P.) mason Mills St. Willet, Herman (Elizabeth) 1ch bookkeeper Elm and C Sts.
Waite, Mrs. Viola housekeeping C St. Williams, H.M. ret   A St.
Ward, Mrs. George 3ch  Elm & C Sts. Willis, Henry (Libbie) laborer Mills St.
Warfield, Henry (Sarah) ret West Ash St. Ind Tel. Willis, Samuel laborer Barnes St.
Watkins, A.B. (Cora) 1ch carpenter Lansing St. WINFIELD, H.E. livery  See adv.
Watkins, Arthur L. (Maude B.) carpenter Center St. B Tel. Wing, Hardy shoe repairing Okemos St B Tel.
WATKINS, RAY A. Wixon, John (Eliza J.) 5ch foreman gravel pit
F and Elm Sts.
Watts, Mrs. D.E.  Elm St. Worden, Mrs. Charles  Oak St
Wauvle, Gilbert (Libby) laborer West Maple St. Wright, Mrs. Carrie  Barnes St
WAUVLE, JOHN Wright, J. (Belle) 3ch paperhanger South St
Webb, Frank (Mattie) shoeman C St. B Tel. Young, R.R. (Laura) ret West Ash St B Tel.
WEBB, F.W. shoes. See adv. Zickgraf, A.F. (Marguerite) engineer Cor Maple and Lansing Sts.
Webb, George (Elnora) 1ch shoe store Maple St. Zimmer, Walter (Anna) 2ch surveyor Oak St Ind Tel.
Webb, L.C. (Della) clothier Columbia St.
Wesper, William (Ella) 3ch rep of Standard Oil Co West St.


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