ABBREVIATIONS-a, means acres; bds, boards; B tel, Bell telephone, 4 ch, 4 children; H&L, house and lot; Les 10, Leslie Township Road No. 10; 0, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle. Names in CAPITALS are those of Farm Journal subscribers.

The abbreviations used for the Townships of Ingham County are as follows:

Alaiedon, Ala. Leroy, Lry. Stockbridge, Skbg.
Aurelius, Aur. Leslie, Les. Vevay, Vev.
Bunker Hill, Br. Hl. Locke, Loc. Wheatfield, Wtfd.
Delhi, Del. Meridian, Mer. White Oak, Wh. Ok.
Lansing, Lan. Onondaga, Ono. Williamston, Wmsn.
Ingham, Ing.

Anderson, R.C. (Mattie) farmer T 80a 2h 9c R1 Okemos Mer 54 Arnold, John (Mary) 1ch farming T 240a 8h 30c R1 Williamston Wtfd 41
Anderson, Stewart general store 0 Building & Lot 1h R4 Stockbridge Wh Ok 64 Arnold, O.F. (Maud) 1ch farmer 0 60a 2h 8c R3 Webberville Loc 90 Ind Tel
Andress, M.C. (Grace) farmer T 80a 7h 12c R2 Williamston Wmsn 24 Ind tel Arthur, Lee 2ch farmer 0 48a 2h 2c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur 8
ANDREWS, C.F. Williamston Artz, Edward (Susie) farming 0 120a 6h 9c R1 Stockbridge Br Hl 60 Ind Tel
Andrews, Geo. (Amelia) farmer 0 140a 4h 6c R1 Dansville Ing 23 B & Ind Tels Artz, Mrs. Ellen 0 91a 2h 10c R3 Stockbridge Br Hl 38 Ind Tel
ANDREWS, OTTO (Eva) 5ch farming 160a 5h 20c R3 Lansing Lan 72 B Tel ARTZ, JOSEPH L. (Ettie) 2ch farming 0 500a 20h 50c R5 Stockbridge Br Hl 50 Ind tel
ANGELL, W.D. (Ida M.) 1ch farming 0 135a 7h 12c R4 Leslie Br Hl 40 Ind Tel Artz, Melvin (Flora) 6ch farming 0 71a 5h 8c R3 Stockbridge Br Hl 38 Ind Tel
Ankney, O.J. (Myrtle) 3ch farming T 53a 3h 5c R1 Holt Del 15 B Tel ARTZ, WM, R5 Leslie
Annis, Bert (Grace) farmer 120a 15h 50c R1 Leslie Les 3 Ind Tel Artz, Walter (Josie) farmer T 100a 4h 8c R3 Dansville Ing 69
Annis, Chas. (Lulu) 1ch farmer 0 36a 1h 4c R1 East Lansing Mer 39 ASELTINE, ALFRED E. (Lucy) 6ch farmer 0 80a 5h 10c R5 Mason Ing 24 B Tel
Annis, Mrs. F.G. 3ch Woodworth St Leslie ASELTINE, ALBERT (Christiana) farmer 0 60a R1 Dansville Ing 7
Annis, T. farmer 0 20a R1 East Lansing Mer 3 Aseltine, Charles (Pearl) 1ch farmer 0 119a 7h 10c R5 Mason Vev 76 Ind Tel
Applegate, E.H. general store Stockbridge Aseltine, Delbert (Lottie) 4ch laborer 0 H&L Dansville
APSEY, HOMER (Lettie) 4ch farmer T 135a 7h 6c R2 Williamston Wmsn 16 Ind Tel Aseltine, Lloyd (Grace) 1ch farmer 0 60a 2h 5c Okemos Ala 70 Ind Tel
Archer, E.P. (Lela) carpenter T 110a R5 Leslie Br Hl 20 Ind Tel Aseltine, Luke (Harriet) 7ch farmer 0 H&L 2c R5 Mason Vev 76
ARCHER, G.A. farming 0 110a 2h 5c R5 Leslie Br Hl 20 Ind tel ASELTINE, PERRY (Dora) 4ch farmer 0 120a 10h 31c R1 Okemos Wtfd 15 Ind Tel
AREND, BENJAMIN (Luella) 1ch farmer T 80a 3h 6c R3 Lansing Del 76 Aseltine, Walter (Mary) 5ch farmer T H&L 1h 2c R5 Mason Ing 24
Arend, Frank (Kate) 4ch farmer 0 80a 3h 6c R3 Lansing Del 91 Aseltine, Warren (Emma J.) 3ch farmer 0 45 1/2a 2h 4c Star Route Mason Vev 63 B Tel
Arend, Geo. C. (Mabel) farming T 158a 4h 4c R1 Mason Vev 29 B Tel ASHMORE, C.E. (Gordon) 4ch farmer T H&L 2c R4 Stockbridge Skbg 48
Armstrong, Chas S. 2ch farmer 0 H&L R1 Eaton Rapids Ono 22 ASHWORTH, JOE R1 Lansing
Armstrong, F.H. (Anna) 1ch laborer 0 H&L Leslie Ind Tel ASHWORTH, JOS. S. R1 Lansing
ARNOLD, C.G. (Dora) farmer 0 3a 3h 1c R4 Williamston Wmsn 71 Ind Tel ASQUITH, Alfred (Maggie) 1ch farmer 0 160a 4h 12c R4 Stockbridge Skbg 48 Ind Tel

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