1916 - 1921

ABBREVIATIONS-a, means acres; bds, boards; B tel, Bell telephone, 4 ch, 4 children; H&L, house and lot; Les 10, Leslie Township Road No. 10; 0, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle. Names in CAPITALS are those of Farm Journal subscribers.

The abbreviations used for the Townships of Ingham County are as follows:

Alaiedon, Ala. Leroy, Lry. Stockbridge, Skbg.
Aurelius, Aur. Leslie, Les. Vevay, Vev.
Bunker Hill, Br. Hl. Locke, Loc. Wheatfield, Wtfd.
Delhi, Del. Meridian, Mer. White Oak, Wh. Ok.
Lansing, Lan. Onondaga, Ono. Williamston, Wmsn.
Ingham, Ing.

CAMPBELL, SHERMAN R1 Dansville. Case, Melvin (Ruth) farmer 0 80a 4h R2 Perry Lee 50 Ind tel.
CAMPBELL, STUART D. (Maude) gen salesman T H&L R7 Lansing Lan 63 Ind tel. Caserlin, W. M. (Jessie) 5 ch farmer T80a 2h 4c R1 Okemos Mer 60.
Campbell, William (Alta R.) 2 ch farming 0 15a 2h R7 Lansing Lan 66. Casler, C. M. (Clara) merchant 0 H&L1h R1 Mason Aur 58 Ind tel.
Campbell, Wm. A. (Alta) 2 ch farmer 0 15a 3h 3c R7 Lansing Mer 18. Cassidy, Frank farming R1 Stockbridge Br Hl 44 Ind tel.
Cantrell, Will drayman Stockbridge. Cassidy, Walter J. (Julia) farming 0 127 1/2a 3h 22c R1 Stockbridge Br H1 44 Ind tel.
Carew, Mrs. Patrick 1 ch 0 60a 1h 2c R1 East Lansing Lans 53. CASWELL, GEO. A. Box 33 Williamston.
Carl, Wm. (Alice) farmer 0 40a 2h 3c R3 Dansville Wh Ok 10 Ind tel. Catlin, F. J. (Pearl) 1 ch farmer 0 40a 5h 5c R1 Webberville Lry 41 Ind tel.
Carison, Gus (Gertie) 3 ch farmer O 110a 6h l0c R3 Williamston Loc 14 B tel. Catlin Martha Mrs 1 ch Grand River Ave Webberville Lry.
Carmony, Dan ditcher 0 H&L Mill St Leslie Les. Caton, Alonzo (Rose) 3 ch laborer 0 la 1h 2c Eden Vev 49 B tel.
CARN, FRANK (Effie) 2 ch farmer T 93a 7h 6c R5 Mason, Vev 39 B tel. Cavanagh, Mrs. Jane 0 116a 4c R4 Leslie Br H1 45 Ind tel.
CARPENTER, CHARLES H. (Victoria B.) 4 ch farmer 0 78 1/2a 3h 12c R4 Stockbridge Wh Ok 59 Ind tel. CAVANAGH, W. H. (Emily) 1 ch farmer& poultryman 0 20a R3 Lansing Lan 35 B tel.
Carpenter, Chauncey ret Woodworth St Leslie. Cavanaugh, E. T. (Mary) 6 ch farming 0 160a 8h 30c R4 Leslie Br HI 34 Indtel.
Carpenter, Geo. (Hattie) farming 0 85a 2h 6c R1 Onondaga Ono 44 Ind tel. Cavender, Frank H. (Alice) 8 ch farmer T 80a 3h 8c R1 Stockbridge Skbg14.
Carpenter, John R. (Cora) 8 ch farmer T 214a 5h 22c R1 Leslie Ono 68. Cavender, Felix (Theresa) 8 ch farmer0 l00a 5h 12c R1 Stockbridge Skbg 14 Ind tel.
Carpenter, L. (Mary) farming 0 60a R1 Williamston Wtfd 43. Cavender, J. E. (Alice M.) 4 ch farmer 0 87a 3h 4c Star Route Mason Ing 29 Ind tel.
Carr, C. N. (Kate) 1 ch farmer T 38a 7h 2c R1 East Lansing Mer 41 Ind tel. CAVENDER, J. E. (Mary) 5 ch farming 0 120a 5h 7c R1 Stockbridge Br H1 57 Ind tel.
Carr, E. M. (Jennie) 4 ch farmer 0 151 1/2a 9h 12c R2 Williamston Wmsn 27 Ind tel. Cavender, Michael (Myrta) 1 ch farming T 120a 3h 15c R1 Stockbridge Br H1 61 Ind tel.
Carr, Harry (Mary) 1 ch farmer 0 69a 2h 14c R1 Shaftsburg Wmsn 3. Cavender, R. E. (Jennie) 3 ch laborer T H&L 1h 1c R3 Leslie Vev 87.
CARR, HENRY S. (Clara J.) 5 ch fireman T 23a lh R5 Lansing Lan 51 B tel. CAZIER, DELLA laundry 0 H&L Railroad St Leslie Les Ind tel.
Carr, John (Frances) T H&L 1h RD Okemos Mer 44. CHALLENDER, LEE (Maude) 2 ch farmer T 157a 3h 12c R3 Dansville Wh Ok 16 Ind tel.
Carr, Orrie J. (Dollie M.) 1 ch laborer T H&L 1c R5 Lansing Lan 51 B tel. Chamberlain, A. H. (Elizabeth) 3 chfarmer 0 l00n 6h 2c R4 Williamston Loc 57 B tel.
Carr, William (Essie) 2 ch farming 0 120a 8h 3c R2 Dansville Wtfd 47 Ind tel. Chamberlain, Gee. (Millison) 1 ch farmer 0 160a 5h 8c R3 Webberville Les 83.
CARSON, JAMES H. (Nellie F.) 2 ch farming T H&L R1 Leslie Ono 58. Chamberlain, 0. W. (Clara) 2 ch farmer 0 102a 4h 8c R4 Williamsten Les 57.
CARTER, JAMES (Laura) 7 ch farmer 0 5a 1h 1c R2 Lansing Del 2. Chambers, E. E. (Isabel) 1 ch thresher0 3 1/2a 2h 3c R4 Williamston Les 58.
Carter, L. D. (Ella) 2 ch farmer 0 farm 75a 4h 5c Haslett Mer. CHAMPMAN, E. F. R4 Lansing.
Carter, Mason J. (Ella) 6 ch farmer 0 90a 2h 2c R1 Stockbridge Skbg 8 Ind tel.
Carver, Arnold (Mary) 3 ch farmer T 3h R4 Williamston Les 58.


ABBREVIATIONS-a, means acres; bds, boards; B tel, Bell telephone, 4 ch, 4 children; H&L, house and lot; Les 10, Leslie Township Road No. 10; 0, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle. Names in CAPITALS are those of Farm Journal subscribers.

CHANDLER, A. M. ticket agent M N T Co T H&L RD Holt Del 64 B tel. Cheney, David 1 ch farmer 0 71a 3h R6 Mason Vev 9 Ind tel.
Chandler, Irvin B. (Iva) 2 ch gas agent O H&L RD Holt Del 79 B tel. Cheney, Frank teamster T H&L Church St Leslie Les.
Chapell, Daisy studio Stockbridge. Cheney, Geo. (Katherine) 1 ch farmer T 100a 8h 16c R2 Williamston Wmsn 30 Ind tel.
Chapell, Henry shoe repairer Stockbridge. Cheney, Herbert (Lydia) 3 ch minister T H&L R4 Stockbridge Wh Ok 46 Ind tel.
CHAPIN, ALMON M. (Wilhelmina K) 1 ch dealer in drain tile 0 l11a 4h 4c Eden Vev 50 Ind tel. CHENEY, W. L. (Myra) 2 ch farming & bee keeper T 71a 4c R6 Mason Vev 9 Ind tel.
Chapin, Mrs. Carrie L. 1 ch farming O 120a 6h l1c Eden Vev 50 Ind tel. CHICK, AMAL R2 Williamston Wmsn 11.
Chapin, H. E. farmer 0 12Oa 4h 6c R2 Williamston Wmsn 23. CHICK, JOHN F. (Blanch) farmer T 80a 3h 4c R3 Webberville Loc 86.
Chapin, James E. farmer 0 120a R2 Williamston Wmsn 23. CHILDS, EDWIN L. (May E.) 4 ch farming 0 90a 3h l0c R4 Leslie Br H118.
CHAPIN, WARREN H. 0 80a 6h 11c Eden Vev 50 Ind tel. CHILDS, ELZIE (Laura) 2 ch farming T 40a 3h 1c R4 Leslie Br Hl 18.
Chapman, C. E. (Beulah E.) 5 ch farmer T 120a 4h l1c R2 Leslie Les 20 Ind tel. Childs, N. M. (Bertha A.) blacksmith 0 H&L Onondago Ono Ind tel.
Chapman, C. J. hardware Armstrong St Leslie. CHILLS, CHARLES (Annette L.) farmer 0 58 1/2a 2h 3c R6 Lansing Lans 9 Ind tel.
Chapman, Mrs. Esther 5 ch farmer T 40a 3h 3c R5 Mason Vev 76. Christian, Alva (Elizabeth) 3 ch farmer 0 40a 2h 1c R2 Webberville Wh Ok 75.
Chappel, F. E. (Jeanette) 3 ch farmer O 5a 1h 1c R2 Webberville Wh Ok 73. CHRISTIAN, HARRY Rl Webberville.
CHASE, ARTHUR (Euphama) 4 ch farm- er 0 103a 6h 12c R3 Webberville Loc 92 Ind tel. CHRISTIAN, IRA farmer 0 40a 2h 5c Rl Webberville Lry 39 Ind tel.
CHASE, A. B. (Floy) 2 ch farmer 40a 5h 3c R2 Perry Loc 51 Ind tel. CHRISTIE, C. B. Leslie.
Chase, Carrie 1 ch farming 0 62a 1h 1c R3 Stockbridge Br Hl 38. Christie, J. B. ret Bellevue St Leslie.
Chase, Fay V. (Marion) 3 ch farmer O 120a 4h 7c R2 Mason Vev 2 Ind tel. Christie, S. W. ret Bellevue St Leslie.
CHASE, MRS. HENRY B. Williamston. Christmas, Lewis (Sarah) 3 ch farmer 0 120a 7h l0c R2 Lansing Del 8 B tel.
CHASE, HOMER (Rose) 3 ch farming T 80a 5h 14c R3 Stockbridge Br Hl 49. Church, A. F. farmer 40a 3h lc R4 Williamston Loc 26 B tel.
Chase, Mrs. Minnie T  Eden Vev 51 Ind tel. Church, Wiles farmer 0 80a 3h 8c R4 Williamston Loc 19.
CHASE, ROY L. (Edith) 1 ch farming T 60a 2h 3c R3 Mason Ala 16 Ind tel. CHURCHILL, LEVI  R1 East Lansing.
CHATTERTON, MARY A. R1 East Lansing. Claflin, Byron (Mary) 1 ch farmer 0 80a 4h 5c R4 Williamston Loc 37Ind tel.
Check, E. (Flossie) farmer T 80a 4h 15c R2 Williamston Wmsn 11 Ind tel. CLAFLIN, LOWELL (Sarah) 2 ch farming 80a 6h 14c R1 Mason Aur 57 Ind
Check, Mrs. John 6 ch farmer 0 l00a 0 4h l0c R1 Okemos Mer 64 Ind tel. tel.


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