1916 - 1921

ABBREVIATIONS-a, means acres; bds, boards; B tel, Bell telephone, 4 ch, 4 children; H&L, house and lot; Les 10, Leslie Township Road No. 10; 0, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle. Names in CAPITALS are those of Farm Journal subscribers.

The abbreviations used for the Townships of Ingham County are as follows:

Alaiedon, Ala. Leroy, Lry. Stockbridge, Skbg.
Aurelius, Aur. Leslie, Les. Vevay, Vev.
Bunker Hill, Br. Hl. Locke, Loc. Wheatfield, Wtfd.
Delhi, Del. Meridian, Mer. White Oak, Wh. Ok.
Lansing, Lan. Onondaga, Ono. Williamston, Wmsn.
Ingham, Ing.

McGonigal, D. farming 0 80a 2h l0c R5 Leslie Br Hl 28. McMath, Paul (Frankie) 2 ch farming 0 50a 2h 8c R4 Leslie Les 78 Ind tel.
McGowan, G. E. (Carrie) 1 ch farming O 80a 3h 7c R5 Williamston Wtfd 55. MCMATH, WILLIAM (Alice) farming 0 80a 5h 8c R4 Leslie Les 53.
MCGUIRE, THOMAS (Nellie) 4 ch farmer O 165a 5h 16c R2 Webberville Wh Ok 71 Ind tel. McMichael, Mrs. Lydia 0 90a lh 2c Rl Stockbridge Ing 59 Ind tel.
McIntee, Ed L. (Kate) 4 ch farming 0 80a 8h 8c R4 Leslie Br H1 46 Ind tel. McNATT, J. A. R3 Lansing.
McIntee, Edward farming 0 80a 2h 6c R4 Leslie Br Hl 19 Ind tel. McROBERT, C. H. Rl Box 92 Lansing.
McIntee, James B. (Anna) farming 0 50a 3h 6c R4 Leslie Br Hl 19 Ind tel. McVey, Frank farming 80a 2h l0c R3 Leslie Les 70.
McIntee, T. P. mail carrier 0 H&L Covert St Leslie Les Ind tel. McVey, William (Agnes) farming 0 50a 1h 3c R4 Leslie Br H1 36.
McIntee, Thomas, Sr. (Mary J.) farming O 25a 2h 2c R4 Leslie Br H1 19. MACGAHEN, A. B. (Dollie) 2 ch farmer 0 200a 2h 4c R2 Lansing Lan 23 Ind tel.
MCINTYRE, E. T. (Myrtle) 1 ch farmer O 80a 3h 2c R6 Mason Aur 78 Ind tel. Mack, G. C. (Regina H.) 1 ch farming 0 40a 2h R4 Lansing Lan 25.
MCINTYRE, J. C. (Philena) farming 0 150a 1h 8c R1 Mason Vev 13 Ind tel. MACKEY, E. C. (Letha) farming T 120a 7h 13c R1 Williamston Wtfd 40.
McIntyre, L. (Gladys) 1 ch farmer 0 40a 2h 3c R5 Leslie Les 29 Ind tel. Mackinder, James S. (Effie) 4 ch carpenter 0 H&L 1h 1c R3 Stockbridge Br H1 70 Ind tel.
MCINTYRE, M. C. (Mary) farmer 0 50a lh 4c R1 Webberville Lry 25 Ind tel. MACKINDER, NATHAN R3 Stockbridge.
McIntyre, M. H. (Jennie E.) farming 0 80a 2h lc R7 Mason Vev 10. Macumber, Stephen laborer 0 H&L E Bellevue St Leslie Les.
McIntyre, Mrs. Nettie Stockbridge. Madison, Ed (Myrtie) 1 ch farmer 0 60a 2h 4c R7 Mason Aur 53 Ind tel.
MCKANE, WM. (Frona) 2 ch blacksmith O shop RD Okemos Mer 26 Ind tel. Magary, Mrs. Esther V. 0 H&L Haslett Mer.
McKee, James farmer T 180a 10h 45c R3 Webberville Loc 82 Ind tel. MAGLEY, WM. H. (Ellen) 4 ch farmer T 70a 5h 12c Rl East Lansing Mer 6.
McKenzie, Ann 3 ch farmer 0 200a 1h 18c R5 Stockbridge Skbg 49 Ind tel. Maguire, Arthur (Winifred) farmer 0 160a 7h 20c R7 Mason Aur 37 B & Ind tels.
McKenzie, Daniel (Mary E.) 1 ch farmer O l00a 3h 12c R5 Stockbridge Wh Ok 65 Ind tel. Maguire, William (Ida) 1 ch farming 0 180a 7h 15c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur 25 Ind tel.
MCKENZIE, D. BURT (Lena) 2 ch farmer O 60a R5 Stockbridge Wh Ok 65 Ind tel. MAHER, DWIGHT (Orpha A.) 1 ch farmer 0 80a 4h 6c R2 Williamston Wmsn 16 Ind tel.
McKenzie, Mrs. E. R. 3 ch farmer 0 135a 5c R5 Stockbridge Skbg 49 Ind tel. Mains, Mrs. Myra 1 ch farmer 0 20a1h R4 Williamston Wmsn 71 Ind tel.
McKenzie, Marshall (Josie) 2 ch laborer 0 H&L Rl Mason Aur 57. Malcho, Carl H. (Maud) farmer and thresher T 80a 4h 3c R2 Stockbridge Skbg 65 Ind tel.
McKessy, Ernest (Mildred) 4 ch farm- ing 0 25a 2h 12c Rl Onondaga Ono 54 Ind tel. Malcho, Henry thresher Stockbridge.
McKessy, John (Myrtle) thresher T H&L Rl Eaton Rapids Ono 32. Malzon, J. (Minnie) 4 ch farmer 0 43a 1h 6c R7 Lansing Mer 28.
McKessy, J. (Harriett) 3 ch road builder O 2a 1h Rl Eaton Rapids Ono 22 Ind tel. Manley, Mrs. Henry 6 ch 0 65a 1h lc R3 Lansing Lan 68.
MCKIM, GEO. (Josephine) 5 ch farmer O 153a 6h 24c R3 Lansing Lan 36 B tel. Manley, Soloman (Hannah) 6 ch farmer 0 40a 3h 3c R3 Lansing Lan 37.
McMan, Mike (Lucinda) 14c farmer 0 3a 2c Rl Okemos Mer 61. Mann, A. W. (Lillian) 1 ch farmer 0 120a 2h 17c R2 Williamston Wmsn 24 Ind tel.
MCMANUS, VERN (Belle) 2 ch farmer 0 80a 7h l4c Rl Onondaga Ono 33 Ind tel. MANN, ELMER G. (Phyllis) 2 ch farming 0 70a 5h 5c Rl Leslie Ono 60 Ind tel.
Mann, F. M. (Ida F.) 3 ch farmer 0 120a 7h 4c Rl Dansville Ing 6 Ind tel.


ABBREVIATIONS-a, means acres; bds, boards; B tel, Bell telephone, 4 ch, 4 children; H&L, house and lot; Les 10, Leslie Township Road No. 10; 0, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle. Names in CAPITALS are those of Farm Journal subscribers.

Mann, Geo. E. (Maggie) farming T 73a3h 3c R1 Leslie Vev 70 B tel. Marshall, G. E. (Hetta) 3 ch farmer 095a 3h 4c R5 Stockbridge Wh Ok 65 Ind tel.
MANN, H. W. (Mina) farmer & stock- breeder 0 84a 8h 6c R1 Dansville Ing 23 B & Ind tels. MARSHALL, J. C. (Lucia) 2 ch farmer O 160a lh R2 Dansville Ing 63 Ind tel.
Mann, Samuel (Myrtie) farmer T 125a 6h 13c R3 Mason Vev 60. MARSHALL, LINFERD (Myrtle) 2 ch farming 0 l00a 5h 14c R7 Mason Aur 56 Ind tel.
Manning, J. W. (Edith D.) farming 0 86a 5h 18c R3 Mason Ala 79 B tel. Marshall, L. S. (Inez) 4 ch farmer & stockbreeder 0 120a 9h 24c R1 Leslie Les 5 Ind tel.
Manz, Chris (Grace) 3 ch salesman 0 H&L 1c RD Holt Del 97 B tel. Martin, D. (Bessie) 1 ch farmer 116a 5h 13c R2 Webberville Lry 28.
Manz, J. J. (Carrie) 4 ch carpenter O H&L 2h 2c RD Holt Del 97 Martin, James (Mary) 5 ch farmer T154a 7h 26c R5 Williamston Lry 1.
Mapes, W. H. hay buyer Stockbridge. Martin, John C. (Lulu) farmer T 80a 2h 15c R2 Williamston Wmsn 25 Ind tel.
Marble, W. H. (Martha) 5 ch laborer R5 Williamston Lry 4 Ind tel. Martin, J. farmer 0 58a 4h 3c R1 Dansville Ing 6 B & Ind tel.
Marfitt, J. W. (Rose) 1 ch farming 0 R1 East Lansing Lan 56 Ind tel. Martin, M. farmer 0 40a lh 2c R4 Stockbridge Wh Ok 33.
MARKLEY, S. E. (Matilda) 1 ch farming O 80a 3h 6c R5 Eaton Rapids Aur 12 Bell tel. Martin, Richard (Elizabeth) 0 14a 2h
Marquardt, Chas. (.Anna) 3 ch farmer T 80a 4h 6c RD Haslett Mer 40. 4c R4 Leslie Br H1 19.
MARQUARDT, HERMAN (Amelia) 5 ch farming 0 80a 3h l0c R1 Holt Del 52 Bell tel. Martin, Steve (Savilla) 4 ch farmer 0 115 1/2a 5h 13c R4 Webberville Lry 28 Ind tel.
Marquedant, Alex (May) 17 ch 0 Haslett Mer. MARTIN, TRUE (Gertrude) farming 0 80a 6h 13c R2 Dansville Wbfd 60 B tel.
Marquedant, David (Ida) 5 ch farming 0 120a 7h 39c R2 Leslie Les 49 Ind tel. Martz, F. L. (Lillie) 3 ch farmer T 130a lh 42c R2 Mason Del 95.
MARQUEDANT, GEO. (Bird) 2 ch farmer T 133a 4h 11c R2 Mason Del 95. Marzen, Anthony (Emily) 2 ch farmer 0 74 1/2a 6h 22c R1 Okemos Mer 58.
Marquedant, John farmer 0 80a 4h 8c R2 Mason Ala 9 Ind tel. MARZEN, C. S. (Nancy) farmer 0 80a 30c R4 Mason Ala 71 Ind tel.
Marsch, C. (Agnes) 3 ch farmer T 80a R5 Williamston Lry 9. MASKA, ANDREW (Christina) 6 ch farme r0 82a 5h 11c R1 Leslie Les 8 Ind tel.
Marsh, Mrs. Anna 3 ch R5 Williamston Lry 34 Ind tel. Mason, Frank (Mary) 2 ch farmer 0 40a 2h 5c R1 Leslie Les 28 Ind tel.
Marsh, Jay (Jennie) banker and cashier 0 H&L RD Haslett Mer 49 Ind tel. MASON, L. F. R6 Leslie.
Marshall, A. R. (Mary) 1 ch farmer 0 75a 7h 15c Dansville Ing. MATHEWS, A. L. (Lura) 2 ch general implement store 0 H&L 2h RD Okemos Mer 26 B & Ind tel.
Marshall, B. A. (Anna) 2 ch farming & maple syrup 0 l00a 4h 4c R1 Mason Vev 20 Ind tel. MATHEWS, F. H. Box 312 Williamston.
MARSHALL, FRANK elevator man Stock- bridge. Mathews, William W. (Anna C.) ret mechanic 0 11a lh R4 Lansing Lan 25.
Marshall, Fred (Ethel) 1 ch farmer 0 40a 2h 4c R5 Stockbridge Wh Ok 56 Ind tel. Matison, C. R. 2 ch farmer 0 80a 5h 13c R5 Williamston Lry 32 Ind tel.
Matthews, Albert (Edith) 2 ch farmer T 200a 5h 30c R4 Mason Ala 73 Ind tel.


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